How to Bring the Indoors Outdoors – Part 1 of 3

Part 1 introduces our readers to the design style known as “indoor outdoor”. This flair has become popular in Australia and is not only being incorporated into contemporary homes being constructed but is also a popular project for renovations. The indoor/outdoor style...

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Introduction to Feng Shui-PART 3- 3

Welcome to our post on Feng Shui – Thank you for your feedback and the number of followers enjoying our articles. In reference to Feng Shui principles and beliefs we can apply these elements not just in our homes but also in our workplaces and our businesses to help...

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Introduction to Feng Shui-PART 2- 3

Welcome to part 2 of our journey into Feng Shui - The five elements that are fundamental to Feng Shui (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) need to be represented in a space and in the right amount. Each one of these elements has a unique quality of energy. They are the...

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Introduction to Feng Shui-PART 1- 3

Follow us on our three part journey into the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, and learn how you can harness the energies of the elements to help to create positive, good energy in every area of our buildings, impacting on the quality of our lives.  Read more...

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Sacred geometric shapes – FINAL – PART 3

APRIL 15 As you enter the world of Sacred Geometry you begin to see as never before the wonderfully patterned beauty of Creation.  It is an ancient science that explores & explains the energy patterns that create & unify all things. Today,throughout modern...

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