‘WOW’ for your walls 
Unleash the artistic and creative person within you, by introducing these magnificent tactile designs into your space.

TRIO – CHEVRON ELEPHANTS – encased in a stunning shadow box 
This captivating trio of silver elephants are named Chevron, which means a group of 3 elephants. Representing the unity of a family, the symbol of success and adventure.  Elephants symbolize good luck, happiness and longevity this is a stunning representation of the spirit of the elephants. 

Looking for wall art that is different, intriguing and not a wall print?

Bella Artista’s wall art 3D designs will give extra dimension and enhance the aesthetic of your environment, whether that space is small or large, residential, or commercial: 

Approx.  4-6 weeks’ delivery time once orders are placed.

This product is made of resin, which allows for durability & strength.

Encased in a stunning black or white stylish shadow box with quality Italian pine molding frame, acid free matting and glass/Perspex front.

Size 500x500x40 in depth
Fitted with strong cord for hanging purposes
approx. 5kg in weight.

Local delivery pickup only.
$30-$40 shipping within Australia

All orders are finished with high quality PERSPEX. Local (Melbourne) Pickups will be finished in high quality thick Glass. 
There is no physical difference with the look of the art design.


Hi Angela,
As you know we use your 3D art in all our open for inspections!
It’s been a great way to showcase your talents with our properties. Congratulations on your article – we knew we couldn’t monopolise you for long.

Constantine – Director, Interior F-ORM