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Bring your walls to life with Bellaartista

Looking for a wall art that is different, intriguing and alternative to traditional wall prints and paintings?

Bellaartista Designs specialises in custom made 3D wall art, with the blend of modern art and technology, they create and deliver intriguing and durable 3D designs with endless colour and intensity.


Bellaartista certainly generates a “wow” element for enterprises and individuals privileged to possess and admire the designs. The 3D wall art was initially created to be an alternative to wall prints for residential homes, as time progressed the client portfolio has expanded into the commercial sector.

Dealing directly with interior designers, stylists and corporate and commercial builders, Bellaartista develop and deliver custom made designs that add that perfect finishing touch, as only art can do. What differentiates them from competitors is that the 3D designs are finished on canvas and marine grade wood.

The wall art in 3D designs will give extra dimension, versatility and style to any room, bringing your wall to life. Certainly enhancing the aesthetic of any environment, whether small or large, placed indoors, outdoors under alfresco areas, in residential or commercial environments. Their vibrant tones will add colour and interest to offices, boardrooms, hotel lobbies, foyers, restaurants and cafes, living areas and more.

Bellaartista intend on showcasing their new designs based on colour at Décor + Design this year. Knowledge of how colour affects your conscious and subconscious mind can change your life. Artists and interior designers have long understood how colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions, with this year’s themes bringing colour back into the commercial and residential sectors.


Furniture Online

The 3D effect has hit the movie theatres and our television screens, but now it comes to us in

art form thanks to Bellaartista designs. After a solid 12 months of experimenting with different

mediums, exploring and designing with all methods and ideas, Angela Sorpreso finally crafted

her first 3D inspirational art on canvas. This unique recipe of 5 different mediums and textured

ingredients among others gives off a beautifully textured finish which can also be painted in

various colours to suit your residential home  and corporate business in many different colour

themes and tones.


You are about to exhibit at D+D Melbourne, why did you choose to show here and what do you hope to gain?

Bellaartista Designs has developed a Stylish Unique 3D art on Canvas concept that interior

designers and property developers haven’t seen before. We want them to admire our products and the concept behind our techniques.

People at first glance think this is concrete/sandstone and heavy. They are extremely amazed when they discover our techniques are on canvas’. This art was originally designed to be a beautiful piece of wall art inside the home, but it appears that people want them outside too. We advise all our clients that the 3D art is suitable for indoor decor, alfresco and patio covered areas.

The most common question you will be asked is “can it go outside”? The answer is yes, under

pergola’s, alfresco and patio covered areas


What’s in store for the future of Bellaartista?

Well, the magic question. We are in the midst of developing a new range for Decoration + Design which isn’t on our website yet, along with developing a new modern sophisticated website and

inspiring logo to suit the clients we want to reach.

We want to reach a new market, who haven’t heard who we are and what we can do or how we can work with them to create and design something NEW, UNIQUE and DIFFERENT.

A new and exciting venture ahead for BELLAARTISTA DESIGNS.


Sacha Strebe

Online Editor – Australian Exhibitions & Conferences