Part 3: Decorating & Design tips for outdoor rooms

Happy New Year to everyone. Welcome to our first publication of 2016 and our Final-part 3 edition on how to bring the indoors outdoors.
As we have established over parts 1 and 2 indoor-outdoor flows have become a new way of living and entertaining, which designers and builders are more than ever emphasizing in their floor plans. Below are a few more decorating tips to ensure the flow is complete.

Fireplaces And Fire Pits
A fireplace indoors exudes coziness and encourages friends and family to gather around and cuddle in close.The same thing happens with a fireplace or fire pit. A fire feature turns a patio into a gathering place. It offers warmth and light, with the hypnotizing allure of crackling wood and dancing flames.

Bring the Kitchen Outside 
Outdoor Kitchens are a huge trend, allowing cooks and grill masters to create elaborate dinner party feasts or platters of teen-pleasing burgers with the same ease as indoors, the options will astound you. Sprawling stone counters as far as the eye can see, fancy mosquito-control misters, outdoor air-cooling systems and shiny appliances. The kitchen has always been the family gathering place so why not move that party outside.

Water fountains
Adding a water fountain is a wonderful way to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere in a garden  The sound and sight of trickling water is naturally soothing and water fountains can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings to help induce a feeling of calm and relaxation.

To all our readers, we have enjoyed bringing snippets of how to enjoy and embrace the pleasures of the outdoors. From the open-air outdoor rooms designed for alfresco dining, to those that capture straight-from-nature elements such as water features and open fireplaces, there are myriad of ways homeowners have defined their indoor-outdoor experience so enjoy and embrace as so many all over the world are doing.